Welcome to BabelPsi Community

Open to professionals and advanced students, in Buenos Aires or online, we invite you to be a part of an interdisciplinary Community!

What is BabelPsi Community?

BabelPsi Community is a growing group of professionals and future professionnels from all around the world.

Members get informed, discuss thoughts, theory, clinic: they share life experiences, therapeutical environments; teaching, learning and studying experiences, and solve problems while they develop tools of approach and conceptual frameworks.

Throughout a profond presential and/or virtual interaction, knowledge and life experiences can be shared with colleagues from all around the globe with ressembling expectations and concerns.

To whom is BabelPsi Community addressed?

It is directed specially towards those professionals and advanced students interested in subjective and intersubjective aspects that are set to question in daily life and experiences of expatriation, migration, and intercultural undergoings.

What is the fee for being a member?

USD 400 per year.

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