1990 Babel Centre is born, founded by  Graciela Bar de Jones and Alberto Jones : “Centre for psychotherapy and the study of intercultural experiences and migration”
2004 BabelPsi is born, as an online presentation.
2009 the Interdisciplinary, International and Multilingual Community BabelPsi is born, integrated by experts in the fields of intercultural experiences and/or Multifamiliar Pscyhoanalysis.
BabelPsi provides with the possibility to be part of a group without geographical or idiomatic boundaries and without loss of continuity, despite changing the place of residence.
Here we know that belonging weaves, when they are positive, dispel the involuntary solitude and strenghten life.
We count almost thirty years of dedication.
Even though BabelPsi doesn’t provide with psychotherapeutical assistance, every psychotherapist in the Community does, whether it is presential or in distance.
BabelPsi is an undertaking of BabelPsi SRL.