Benefits of being a member of the Community BabelPsi

You will be able:

to participate free of the diverse multicultural meetings that BabelPsi organizes, face to face or in English, Spanish, or French by videoconference.
to accede to guides and attainable articles of research with exclusivity for the professional members of our Community.
to receive discounts in the participation as a pupil in the courses and Babelpsi’s seminars as well as in the Congresses and events that BabelPsi organizes.
to create and deepen professional relationships exchanging messages with other members
to raise your CV to ” Our members ” in order that it becomes accessible in the Internet.
-If you are a psychotherapist your name and your curriculum will be able to appear in “Psychotherapies”.
-You will be able:

to use and to participate in summaries

to receive and possibly offer some advice in a personalized way on various aspects connected to the everyday life and to the domain of the expatriations, the migrations, and the intercultural experiences.

to present papers in congresses and other ‘events’ as being a member of the Community BabelPsi as well as to participate in the elaboration of collective texts.

to become a member, when it will be convenient, of teachers’ team of BabelPsi.

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