Babelpsi offers remote psychotherapies

BabelPsi includes in its Community of Practice specialists in different psychotherapeutic approaches (individual, couple, family, multi-family) in different languages.

Through means such as Skype, video conference system in our BabelPsi platform, and other more current ones as well, people, couples, families can maintain the continuity in the initiated therapeutic processes without they are altered by the geographical displacements In the case of migrations, expatriations, student exchanges, etc.

Individual, couple and family therapy

Date and time: individual, couple and family therapy are agreed between patient and therapist.
Languages: French, English and Spanish
Fees: They agree with the chosen professional

These spaces are reserved for professional members of the BabelPsi Community of Practice.
BabelPsi is not responsible for the care practices performed.
BabelPsi does not exercise any intermediation.

Are you looking for individual, family or distance therapy?

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